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Sitting in your kayak on a calm summer day, it’s hard to think of kayaking as a risky sport. But each and every time we launch our boats, we are taking on a certain amount of risk. What if there is a capsize? What if the weather conditions change? What if a boat is damaged? What if someone is sick or injured?

Understanding the risks we are facing and having a plan and the preparation to deal with them makes us all safer paddlers.

This classroom session will introduce you to risk management as applied to kayaking and paddlesports. You will learn to identify risks to you and your group, develop a strategy for mitigating these risks and create a plan of action to deal with risks that might arise. The session will include a discussion on the topics of risk and risk management as well as a number of exercises and games to help you to develop your risk management chops.

The cost for the clinic is $75. Please email or call to reserve your spot!

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