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Come experience the biggest solar eclipse to hit the country in over 100 years – on the Ocean!

While New England is not in the path of totality, we’ll still get to experience a partial eclipse – Cohasset will see about 65% of the sun covered during the eclipse.

We will meet at Cohasset Harbor and paddle out in the afternoon to work on skills appropriate to the skill level of the participants involved. We will play with some rescues and dynamic water skills as well as paddling out to Minot’s Light if conditions allow.

When the eclipse is about to start (around 1:30 in the afternoon), we’ll land on the rocks outside of Minot’s Light, watch the extravaganza while enjoying an afternoon snack. After the event, we will head for home.

Here’s a link to a cool interactive graphic that will show you how the eclipse will appear in your local area.

The cost for this trip is $125. Call or email to register.