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We are running a two day training for those working toward their ACA L4: Open Water Kayaking paddling skills assessment.

ACA L4 skills focus on boat handling and maneuvering in more challenging sea states. The remit for the course includes open water paddling with wind to 11-16 knots, surf to 3 feet (1 Meter), and current to 3 knots.

This course will include

  • Foundation skills in dynamic conditions (turning, edging, forward and reverse maneuvers using a variety of strokes)
  • Boat control in surf up to 3 feet, launching and landing, maintaining station and crossing the surf zone safely.
  • Control in tidal currents, rough water rescues and towing.

The water temperatures are still very chilly this time of year. Students should be prepared for cold water immersion. Dry suit, wet suit or other suitable cold water gear will be required.

Cost for the both days is $250.  Call 617­-548­-1775 or email us to register.

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