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Too cold to be out on the ocean? Join us for our pool sessions to keep your skills sharp over the winter. Whether you are interested in rolling, rescues, bracing or strokes, the pool at the Watertown Boys and Girls Club is a great place to learn and refine your skills.

Our clinics are structured as 2 sessions on back-to-back Sundays (but you don’t need to sign up for both). We offer video analysis of students who sign up for both sessions. We’ll record students on the first Sunday and make the footage available for review on the 2nd Sunday. This helps students identify strengths and weaknesses in form – whether rolling, bracing or working on strokes – and the opportunity to get back in the water right after review to work on correcting errors or improving form.

We have exclusive access to the pool for 2 hours each session plus a 1/2 hour on either end to move boats and equipment.

If you plan on bringing your own boat, the boat must be clean and free of dirt and debris.

Please plan on showing up 1/2 hour before the event to help unload boats!!

The cost is $220 for both sessions or $150 for a single session.